How did the music help creating Vurt:

"Totally and utterly influenced by music. Just briefly how I came to write the novel--I was actually asked to write it by a friend of mine--so it's a request in a way... I 'd been writing plays for about nine years, and this guy I'd known for a long time started his own publishing company and asked me to write a novel, and I had never thought about this before, so I literally went home that night, turned the computer on, and started writing. And it just came out. So it was improvised. It was very closely worked with Steve, the other guy, who was the editor and publisher--so it was almost like I was a musician, improvising--just making it up as I went along, and then he was kind of every so often saying 'let's take this bit' and 'let's go back to beginning now', and 'let's push it in this direction' and so on.

I listen to music all the time when I write--I almost can't write without music--and what I'm listening to affects the way that I write. Some parts of Vurt, we're ultimately to do with The Pixies--whom I was mad about at the time--and I listen to a lot of like Dub--anything with Dub in there--anything that's got space in it--that uses the bass to play and stuff like that, and everything comes back--and the way Vurt's written its a bit like that, cuz' its big paragraphs and these little words--just single sentence paragraphs--you know, and its kind of like that--its got this rhythm to it. I listen to a lot of modern jazz stuff--you know?--loose rhythms, and that again gives you a different kind of writing. So that whole concept is very close to me."

Music Listened to While Writing VURT

Pixies Ambient Dub Higher Intelligence Agency Original Rockers Guerrilla in Dub