Vurt: The Tabletop Roleplaying Game Edit

by Ravendesk Games

an RPG based on the visionary and hallucinatory science fiction of author Jeff Noon, who loved the idea and gave his permission to use his books as source materials.

"In the Manchester, England of the future, players will square off in brutal gang fights and elude high-tech cops in pursuits throughout warrens of narrow streets; they’ll face insect-drone warfare, thought-stealing, genetic mutations; they’ll tangle with cybernetics, black market drugs (good luck with those!), DNA-shifting mathemagick, Shadow-tech, and illegal dream feathers (we’d warn you about these but you’ll ignore the warnings like everybody else does). And they’ll engage in epic battles with mythological monsters and gods who might know a thing or two about crossing over from the Vurt world into our own.

And, oh yes, then there are the worlds of The Vurt. Summoned via feathers both licit and illicit according to their hues, they’re as beautiful and varied as we can summon in our dreams and nightmares. Inside, players will discover impossible architectures with unpredictable creatures and allies, nightmarish monsters dwelling inside reconstructed and remixed myths in scenarios that—let’s be clear on this—can end in the death of those inside. Players will also find dangerous knowledge and otherworldly items in the forms of cyphers, artifacts, and oddities that can be taken back to the real world—if they’re willing to pay the price."