Tristan was a human with a quarter of Dog blood (his grandfather was an Alsatian).

Family: Geoffrey Caterrick (aka The Game Cat)

Returned from The English Voodoo trip to find that his brother got swapped for a Vurtgirl named Suze.

Tristan and Suze formed a bond quite literally, by interweaving their droidlocks and creating mutual hair which eventually reached 6 ft in length. They lived in Bottletown and kept gigantic robodogs.

Since the English Voodoo accident, he avoided vurt drugs and preferred natural stuff like the Haze.

After Suze's death Tristan shaved his head bald.

He tried to get rid of the Curious Yellow feather by burying it along with Suze's body in the moors.

He was seeking revenge for Suze but was caught by the cops.

Commited suicide in prison by hanging himself from the bars.