A rather unfortunate Vurt being brought into the real world by an accidental swap for Desdemona .

He was a live drug (posession of which can get you to prison for 5 years); consuming his flesh is a direct way to Vurt. That didn't stop him from sucking on feathers like anyone else.

Mandy  called him "The Thing From Outer Space".

He had six tentacles, multiple eyes and orifices. His body leaked oil and wax, it's was so slippery it was a great trouble carrying him around.

He didn't speak any known language, uttering sounds like "Xha Xhi Xha Xha".

The Stash Riders keep him in their Stash Mobil or their pad.

He was thought to be burnt alive along with Bridget after the Torchers set the Riders' van on fire. However, he was alive and taken by the dogmen and used as food. Das Uberdog literally called him "Food", considering this name more respectful and fair than "The Thing".

He was rescued by Scribble in attempts to take him to Vurt and swap back for Desdemona. But they got chased by the cops who shot the Thing dead. Scribble threw his body into the river.
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