Stephen, who goes by the name Scribble and briefly as MC Ink, is the protagonist of Vurt. He is a 21 year old member of the Stash Riders gang at the point of his introduction, and is the older brother of Desdemona, whom he has an incestuous relationship with - the result of which was their daughter Blush. Whilst Scribble was born Human, through contact with a dreamsnake in his teenage years, he has technically become a second-level being (vurtman).



Whilst Scribble is caring at heart, he can be quite stoic with his emotions and does not usually want to share his history or thoughts with others. This could stem from his past having an abusive father, and the need to keep his incestuous relationship with his sister a secret. This has only become confounded by his sister's disappearance within the vurt world, something that Scribble somewhat blames himself for.

Scribble is a member of the Stash Riders gang, but seems not to be very invested in their activities, other than when they are helping him recover his sister. Even from his fellow gang members and supposed friends, Scribble keeps his real name a secret; this reluctance to share may come from Beetle being the unofficial gang leader, who used to bully Scribble during high school, and Beetle detests hybrids - something that Scribble suspects he is, but tries to repress.

Whilst Scribble is caring enough to sacrifice himself for those he cares for, he will also happily inflict pain on those who he sees as weak (Beetle), or abandon those who have led themselves foolishly into danger (Karli). Despite this level of apathy, Scribble can also respect and admire the feats of his fellow gang members, especially when they "go out guns blazing."


Scribble is 21 years old when he is first introduced. By the end of the events in Vurt he is 41, although he looks and feels 25. He has got very short blonde hair, and it's said that he isn't very good with women. One of his ankles has a visible bite mark from where he was bitten by a dreamsnake in his teenage years.



Scribble was a member of the Stash Riders, the gang he formed with the Beetle, who was his mate since high school, though Beetle did used to bully him. Also in his teenage years, Scribble became involved in an incestuous relationship with his sister, Desdemona, which they desperately hid from their abusive father, who had also molested Desdemona. During a day out with Desdemona, Scribble had been bitten a dreamsnake, which caused Scribble to have vurt flowing through his veins from then onwards.









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