Their are five pure modes of being: Dog, Human, Robo, Shadow and Vurt. However, due to Fecundity 10, these different types have breeded together to create hybrids. The more complex the hybrid, the higher it's 'level' in terms of 'being', as outlined by a Game Cat magazine excerpt featured in Vurt.

Levels of BeingEdit

First LevelEdit

Second LevelEdit

  • Dogman
  • Robodog
    • Karli is a notable Robodog.
  • Dogshadow
  • Vurtdog
  • Roboman
  • Shadowman
  • Vurtman
    • Scribble is a notable Vurtman, though he was originally born as a pure Human.
  • Roboshad
  • Robovurt
    • Columbus is notable apparent Robovurt.
  • Shadowvurt

Third LevelEdit

  • Robodogman
  • Shadowmandog
  • Dogmanvurt
  • Robodogshadow
  • Robovurtdog
  • Shadowvurtdog
  • Robomanshad
  • Robomanvurt
  • Shadowmanvurt
  • Roboshadowvurt

Fourth LevelEdit

The Game Cat outlines titles for each of the fourth level hybrid combinations, but does not describe what mixtures relate to which titles.

  • Flake
  • Dunce
  • Squid
  • Spanner
  • Float

Fifth LevelEdit

  • Alice (known by various different names, but this is the only title known, as described by Game Cat). Seemingly very rare, or those that do exist are unknowingly this level, or indeed keep it secret.