Lucinda (stage name Cinders) O'Juniper was a porno vurt actress, "a queen of pink feathers". She was featured in many feathers, inculding "Catholic Fuck" ( An Interactive Madonna Vurt) and "Mistress Pervurt", designs of which were later used by her husband Barnie The Chef for her houseboat rooms.

She had green hair and green hair, wide mouth, luscious body and honey-like voice.

Scribble knew her from the feather trips before meeting her on the boat. She and Scribble had sex in the Catholic Fuck bedroom while Cinder's body was taken over by Desdemona.

Lucinda mentioned that she was tired of life and even offered Scribble to use her for a swap.

Lucinda and Barney split up later. She retired from business and her further fate in unknown.