Karli was a robodog, a mixed up pile of flesh, fur and plastic.

She was able to experience the shared vurtuality and rode a feather along with the Stash Riders.

Her parents were the two gigantic robohounds owned by Suze and Tristan. Suze gave Karli to Scribble after his visit to Bottletown.

She liked Scribble and accompanied him a lot. Later Twinkle took care of her.

Shecop Murdoch got to taste Karli's teeth and claws when the cops raided the Stash Rider's pad. Karli bit her face and left deep scars, as well as damaged her fingers badly.

Karli was injured by Das Uberdog during the gang's visit to Cosmic Debris, but recovered fast.

Her later life is unknown, but Scribble preferred to think she was running off with a pack of street dogs and probably died in a fight.