John Barleycorn, who also goes by many other names (most of which relate him to Lucifer-like figures of religion), is a vurt creature who lives within the green feather Juniper Suction. He is the husband to Persephone.

His many names include the Green Man, Fertility, Swamp Thing, The Horned God/Devil, Satan, the Serpent, Lucifer, and Hades.



John's "imprisonment" within the vurt world has caused him to become incredibly bitter and frustrated towards the real-world living; Humans in particular since their religions and dreams are the basis for his existence and constrain his vurtual world. Thousands of years of this feeling has made him twisted, and he revels in the teasing and torture of humans.

Despite this hatred towards humans, John has a deep love and loyalty for his wife Persephone. Though John despises Persephone's mother, both for her intent and "stupidity", he is not beyond making comprises with such people when it secures the safety, and the time he gets to spend with, his wife.

John also shows another side to himself when he explains his vision for the real world: John's intended new world is one of peace and co-habitation between different vurt beings and other living people. Whilst John sees himself as a lord-type figure in this new land, he shows true care for the world and its people, especially for more "classic" vurt beings. His desire to bring such a world into reality is a very passionate drive, as it is the only world he sees suitable for his wife to inherit, and thus he is willing to kill anyone who would stop him or his world.


When John is first encountered, he takes the form of a long snake, with a human face. He seems very adept at being in this body, as he effortlessly ensnares himself around trees and his prey.

John's seemingly-true form is that of a humanoid male with soot-coloured skin, thick blue hair, and greasy hands.







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