Hobart’s Law of Exchange

A rule to the mechanism in order to maintain a balance between the dream and

the real. Named after its creator, Ms Hobart

R = V ± H, where H is Hobart's constant.

"Any given worth of reality can only be swapped for the equivalent worth of Vurtuality,

plus or minus 0.267125 of the original worth. How much the lost ones count, in the grand scheme of things. You

can only swap back those that add up to something, within Hobart's constant." ("Vurt")

"Whenever a Vurt creature made an illegal entrance into reality, something else, something random and

therefore innocent, had to take its place in the dream." ("Pollen")

The two people or objects involved in the swap had to be of the same worth. A little give and

take is allowed as long as it stays within Hobart’s Constant.