The stories are alive now, thanks to Miss Hobart. ( Tom Dove in "Pollen")

Celia Hobart

An amorphologist, the discoverer of Vurt and the inventor of the Vurt Feathers.

"Everybody knew about Hobart, but nobody knew anything. Just the hundreds of rumours

that surrounded the name: Hobart invented Vurt. Hobart is alive, Hobart is dead. Hobart is a man,

a woman, a child, an alien. Some have called her Queen Hobart, and they have worshipped her.

To others Hobart is a dream or a myth, or just a good story that somebody made up, so good that

it stuck around, became truth. Nobody knew anything." ("Vurt")

The author of the namesake Law (the Law of Swapback) and the Hobartian Scale of Worth.

"She wanted to make sure that every story had its centre." ("Pollen")

"Having succeeded in releasing the dream from the body, Miss Hobart realised that the body was mere vessel. Dreams could live on in the Vurt while the body could die."

As a child Celia was a beggar in Manchester streets,

She was adopted by Maths students and educated.

She is aware of any detail of each Vurt transaction.

Hobart lives in the Heavenly Vurt past her physical death.

It is said that Ms Hobart is permanently dreaming, and once she is awaken, the dream and the Vurt will end.