Vurt Feathers are a type of drug that transfer their users into a shared dream-state, or possibly a virtual reality, known as the Vurt world. Vurt feathers are coloured to designate their type, though some exist that consist of a combination of colours.


Vurt feathers have six primary colours that designate the type of Vurt world it will allow the user to enter. Blue and pink are legally-available to the general public and sold from establishments such as Vurt-U-Want stores. They are usually labelled, and come with advertisments (dubbed "advurts") and closing credits (branding and the names of the actors and creators).

  • Blue: Legal vurt; the vurt accessed through these feathers commonly show the equivalent of television programmes - soap operas especially - whilst other feathers contain programmed 'games'.
  • Pink: Legal vurt; exclusively used for pornography and erotica.
  • Black: Illegal vurt; the vurt accessed through these feathers tend to induce confusion and pain, but can also be cathartic.
  • Silver, also known as Operator feathers: Very secretive; owned only by the creators of vurt feathers.
  • Yellow, also known as Knowledge feathers: Near-mythical and very rare; death within a yellow vurt world results in the real-world death of the user.
  • Green, also known as Heaven feathers: Very expensive and seemingly vaguely legal; used by the rich to extend their consciousness inside the vurt world after their deaths.














Porn Bootleg

Operator feather

Name Thermo fish

Honey suckers

Crack flowers

Venus Dust



Cooperation Street

Spike Attack

Blue Lullaby

Baby Racer





Catholic Fuck

Nostalgia Trap

Bitch on heat

Skull Shit (aka the Synapse Murder, the Temple Vomit, ID Slayer, Head Fuck)

Crash Master - driver assistant

Gun stroker

Sniffing General English voodoo

Talking Bush

Mega head



Colour Blue Pink Black

In the sweat soaked Lemurian Jungles the fireglass lilies are in bloom. Strap on your Palm Leaf Gauntlets, open you Giant Turtle Collecting Case and gather those precious blossoms. Beware the plantations Monkey Men and their deadly spitting spears. It’s fast and furious and those shattered petals can really sting.

Status : Blue. Do it and forget it, Kittlings. Cheap, limited action.


Sail away on the mirrored sea of the subconscious to the razored shores of Islandia. In the warm rainbow snow fields the Mooncats tend the spectral light trees. Capture their culture on candied camera but watch - their shadows bite!

Status : Secondary Blue. An educational experience for those who see through the glamour.


If you could talk to the universe, just imagine it! That part of your speech brain that can deal with the Word Birds has broken free of your head and broadcasts your thoughts in every language. The rest of the world is calling back `Beware’ because the Word Birds are asking questions.

Status : A Primary Blue from the Megahead.


It’s raining Sky Mushrooms over the liquid, needle sharp turrets of Roy’s Castle. If they burst, the pin spores will tear apart the foaming walls and a watery one way ticket awaits you - unless you man the Cling-glue Catapults. Lord Roy and the Triclops Queen are watching!

Status : Cool Blue. A trigger happy free-for-all, a spicy slice of days gone by.


This feather has come down from on high and is a wonder to experience. Born from an egg on a mountain top, you’re a funky hybrid with a duty. Protecting your Priest against temptation, demons and the elements, who knows how far away that lost city is! - though they say it was in Indigo. Now only your martial arts and magic staff can keep you going to reach Kantaro and return the sacred Script to save humanity. A monster!

Status : A surprisingly low Blue, but active and epic.


Always more or less an island and splashed with vast colours. Nicely crammed with adventures full of Looking Craft; Savage Lairs; Decay Huts and Elder Princes. There are hanging verbs and religious maps and of course one very old lady with a hooked nose. Add to this its ever changing ability and you need to be careful.

Status : A small time Blue but the warning is real. There are no adults here.


Down in the frozen depths of Yhang Boutan, it’s you versus the Yhetti Men. Hiding in the Ice Cream Caverns, choose your flavour whilst you wait for a full throttle race. You have your Smart Canon and your Ice Master - they have super evolved skating feet. Use the roof and keep your eyes peeled because even the Yhetti fear the Sub Worm.

Status : An athletic Contour Blue for the under active consumer.


Highly coloured, diamond scaled fish life is a warm floating state of bliss. Oh so many new and freakish shapes for morphing, molten Goldfish to become. The acid sea’s are a luxury of feeling and electricity runs in your veins. Most desirable of all is the three second memory span.

Status : A low and easy, smooth sliding Blue to sink into - just don’t get lost.


The end is nigh! The skies are blood and the sun is black, Demons and Angels battle through the wreckage of civilisation - Armageddon is here! You lead the heroic band of Aetheists in search of food and salvage, only your disbelief in the roaming Avatar’s can pull you through. A nice challenge with serious potential.

Status : A Tertiary epic Blue but the Exchange Rate can be a bitch though. A hint of Black maybe?


In the Great Mansion of Mirrors the throbbing copper floors slide you to meet your perfect lover. Cushioned in a million fluid reflections, join with your male or female alter ego. No one knows you more intimately than yourself and this time you get to both take and receive. A magma blast of self pleasure straight to the cerebral cortex.

Status : A Pink brimming with a unique perspective.


Trust the Doctors. They know how the needle can pierce and they know the threads that will match your blood. Bright lights and sanitised air, white coats and forceps are wielded by the trained plasti-coated hands of the Hooker Medics. They know what to do, trust the Doctors.

Status : A special dark Pink from Chimera’s Sade Marquee.


It’s an Egg and Sperm Race. Sex on the inside, from the first hormonal shower to the process of creation. No Casanova cluttering this feather, just choose your sex and get horny. Better yet be both at the same time and meet yourself in the middle.

Status : An intense and beautiful Pink from the realms of Takshaka.


Heady on Piscean Gas you stagger through the hot, moist flesh tunnels. Those feather headed Vaztercine Dinosaurs can sure juggle their trace lined plates. The lemon yellow pleasure crystals are huge joy bumpers, so be careful.

Status : Contour Pink. A Pink to make you think, mostly about why you paid money for it.


Ride the musical waves of your followers adoration, the universe wants you with a raging passion. The Rainbow Spider dances for you alone, slowly cocooned in its multi coloured sex threads. Feel the juice wet strands coax you towards a peacock climax.

Status : A sticky Pink of long legged love, safe bondage for the nervous.


Ride the vast ranges of ageing skin, fat and pore with the boneless pin headed creatures and their mischievous pecking swans. The seeping milk and bleeding bladder of the trained sphincter’s is matched in down right surrealism only by the Menstrual Flux itself.

Status : An intense Tertiary Pink.


Everyone’s got them. Syrupy problems. Go for a tumble in the sticky fluids of life with your molten, joltin’ Wax Lover. There’s no way anyone is leaving this feather without leaving a sticky trail, so enjoy the fluid while you dream - because I know how hard it is to clean off.

Status : A low but compelling Contour Pink.


They call you the Gnat and they would love to kill you with a pun. Who are those killers? The Skitter Ladies, dedicated to the Slapstick Gods from the Hill’s of Benni. Run, in double time from everything you have ever wanted to catch you.

Status : A very low, double speed Pink for the base pervert.


See the flipside of Pink paradise when you fondle elicit Dream Smoke as a horny Shimmiographer. A host of hinted action passes over your erogenous zones. Spot the venom creamy celebs in this high budget, low thrill theatre. Runs like a Who’s Who of Chimera’s best knee tremblers.

Status : A powder blue Pink. Nice Industry tips if you can control the hormones.


The poisoned feather contaminants are in you system. Death is tugging at your silver cord and your body is failing fast. Black edged slices of reality slide by in slow cellular frames. Pick a dimension - they all look the same but it’s a life or death choice.

Status : Harsh Black. No fun for anyone, the only Joy is the end credits. Low trash.


Your trapped in the club of endings on Halloween with everything you were ever afraid of - and they are all dance manic. Try to find the door as every scream of the crush takes you closer to the balcony. Time to choose, stage dive into Hell or face the Demon Bouncers.

Status : Twisted up Black. Remember not to panic, there’s no way you can survive.


Sargent, the creatures are loose! Belle Vue Zoo has broken wide and everything born of the dead is out there and heading for the city. Grab the Lightning Rods and the Anti-Zombie Juice and get to work, those half alivers are calling out and Limbo is calling back.

Status : A spicy propaganda Black.


The Phlegm Dollies are waiting for you. Navigate the inner warehouse of your soul, through the decay paths and get yourself a new brain. Quickly, before the Child of Magnetism distracts you. Take advice and watch out for hairy walls, a sure sign that you’re in trouble with the Factory Gods.

Status : A Secondary Black feather for the nervous.


The bloated, black Boggan King has set his mystic Doodling Mice after you. Run screaming through the moon lit terraces of Arcadia, with only the wooden Ivy Puzzle for protection. A race against time as those vermin charms summon up the being of roots and bones to rend your body and mind. A cryptologists nightmare but a Jammers delight.

Status : Active Black from the Raven King.


Far above the world and feeling like a tin can, dancing with the stars. Even the black looks blue and you’ve got a burning yearning for Protein Pills. If you don’t get them soon you’ll be strung out in heaven with the Low Holes. Indeed the holes are all around you, mind your step.

Status : A highly prized Covert Black, a must for those reaching out to the Vurt.


Deep in Limbo, in the dark Tangly Wood sits the crooked cottage. In the maze of sparse, decaying blue-prints the rotting I.D. Demons want you to join them. Get the written key from the cellar and hold on.

Status : Be warned, this Black could swallow your soul.


A cops nightmare. Stitched up like a kipper, the filth haven’t got a clue and it’s you that will take the rap. Torture, both mental and physical await you and innocence is no defence against the law under pressure. Straight from the Cop Feathers garbage file.

Status : A Primary Black. If you don’t crack there are secrets to die for.


Your internal clock is well buttered as you change heads around the table. If you can keep him awake the Door Mouse offers rapid third eye glimpses of realms you can’t attain. An intellectual voyeuristic tour of the corporate mindscape.

Status : The Prime Black of the Vurt Industry, definite evolution towards a silvery sheen.